Hack 360mobi Ngôi Sao Bộ Lạc – Nện Nện Nện MOD

★ About ★
With only 1 minute to set up, you will immediately enter the HERO where you can enjoy the whole day without worrying about the consequences.
360mobi Star Tribal is a SUPER super strange game, the first appearance in Vietnam, the game is extremely new, guaranteed to bring you the most wonderful spirit.
★ Characteristics ★
You do not know how to play? Do not worry, just follow these 4 steps:
– Step 1: Eat! Eat as much fungus as you can.
– Step 2: Meet the person who met, who met.
– Step 3: Slip! Throw! Hide! Combining many skills, combining many strange postures such as throwing hammer, throw bomb, somersault … help you eliminate many opponents.
– Step 4: Scroll! Scream! Scream! Ask your teammates to play together and get to the top. Become the highest scoring team, become the Maestro!
– Simple operation, easy to familiarize.
– Match 3v3v3: 9 people – 6 minutes – 3 sides – 1 match wins.
– Experience is definitely different: random skills, random equipment, random positions.
Important note: Similar to MOBA games, at 360mobi Star Tribe, the winning team is not the strongest team but the most muddy team, the deciding factor to win!
Download the game 360mobi Star Tribe to join the adventure team in this strange world full of charm!

Version : 1.0.25

Root :

Mod :

1. No Skill CD
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Game chỉ chơi được ở chế độ Thường
How To Install :
– Uninstall version CHplay
– Dowload Apk and Install
– Play
if you paid for this mod on any other sites, better claim a refund asap! you can have it for free
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